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Something everyone wants to know

When we were filming Sunday Brunch from home, I was stunned at the interest in the stuff I have, from the pans to the cheeky bottom vase as well as glasses, lights and coffee machine. I’ve always loved ‘things’ – I collect 50s crockery, I buy kitchen gadgets all the time, beautiful glasses make your drinks (whether it’s water or wine) taste better, food tastes better from a cool plate and I choose the type of mug I drink coffee from depending on my mood (thick chunky mug for a coffee session, a lighter one for a quick cuppa).

So, I started looking at various food, fashion and lifestyle blogs and couldn’t find many that are aimed at me. I’m middle aged and like clothes, interiors, food, drink, classic design and travel. If that’s you then this is the blog for you. Importantly this is a blog I’m not doing for money I just fancy sharing things that excite me, so nobody is paying me to say something or somewhere is ‘great’.

Ok so let’s get started with a recap of what everyone wanted to know about in my house:

Prestige Pans

These are a well-priced set of pans (frying pans are really good too). They’re non-stick, look really good and from a boring perspective they’re lovely washers! I use these every day and they’re still like new after 8months and I really give my pans a hard time.


Russell Hobbs Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Years ago, when I was on holiday in California, we rented a house that had a coffee machine like this. So rather than a straight filter coffee unit with ground coffee this had the delicious addition of beans, so the smell of the beans being ground and then turned into coffee straight away was incredible. I’ve been hooked ever since.

This is a well-priced machine that delivers great fresh coffee. It has a timer; you can make a small pot. My one criticism is that the coffee doesn’t stay hot for too long (I like to put boiling water in my mug to get that heat up before pouring).


Cheeky Bottom Vase

I was given this as a present from my friends at Bespoke after we’d seen them in a factory in Portugal on a trip to look for oven to tableware. It always raises a smile and a conversation starter.

I think it’s rapidly becoming one of my most prized possesions. Bottom line (excuse the pun)– it is expensive but a great piece of design.


Gin Glasses

I don’t really want to share where these are from. I love these glasses soooo much. Gin, beer, water, pop, wine – everything looks and tastes great out of these beauties. They’re not expensive but look a million dollars.

If you buy them please be selective when you tell anyone else…it’ll be our secret.


Teal Mugs

These mugs make me happy and somehow calm. The colour is beautiful, the handmade look is cool, the weight of the mug is perfect. I always feel like my coffee or tea is elevated to a higher plain in one of these mugs.

The rest of the range is great too.