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A cup of coffee

Finding the perfect cup of coffee isn't the easiest.

I probably drink too much coffee. I’ll often slurp a whole pot of the java in the morning. But I do love ‘going out’ for coffee.

I’m partial to a Starbucks if I go big brand. But as an investigative food and drink lover I adore the independent brands with a love and passion for the craft. I’d love to build up our own best coffee shops in… feature

My criteria is

Coffee – gotta be not too bitter or too strong or weak.

Brand – do I get and like what they’re about.

Interior – is it a good ‘third space’ (that place that’s neither work nor home but is a place for YOU).

Variety  – I really only want the coffee stuff, not pink milkshakes.

I’ll start us off with Altrincham. These are in no particular order but are the ones I use and like.


California Coffee

Nice guys, great coffee. Simple interior. Small food and snacks menu. Consistently great.

California coffee >

Altrincham Market

One of 2 coffee shops in the market. Lovely smooth coffee
and a funky shack to get it from. Can sometimes take a bit too long.

Altrincham Market >

Blanch Flower

Always hot and tasty. Good staff and brownies that should probably be illegal.

Blanch Flower >

Gran T’s Coffee House

Love sitting in here early morning. Ironic grandma décor. Coffee a little inconsistent.

Gran-t-coffeehouse >

Common Ground Coffee House

Scandi style. Superb coffee. Breakfast is great, the pesto peas on toast a fave. Bit chilly in the cold weather.

Common Groundalt >


There’s a few more that I like and use a bit, but these are my regular haunts.
Wherever you are send me links to coffee shops you love and let me know why.

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